Summer Ice Lollies

Glenda Erwee

Let's talk about popsicles!!! Ice Creams, lollipops, whatever sickly, sweet, icy snack your darling little ones love.

Two things we are not fans of when this summer delight hits home 1) loads of sugar and synthetic colourants and flavourings 2) litter, the packaging of these products ends up everywhere!!!

And yet, the alternative is a fun thing to do with the kids, so much healthier, cheaper and eco-friendly. Not an MSG rash in sight. So we have put together some great ideas for you to make up this weekend.

One of my favourites is the fruit popsicle:

So easy and safe to make with the little ones.

All you need is a blender/ food processor or Nutri bullet or Nutri bullet equivalent:

  • Bag of frozen fruit of your choice
  • Sugar/Honey or Sugar Alternative (but really this depends on how little sweetness you can get away with)
  • Lolly Moulds - we have put in a link for you

Get little ones involved they just love the idea of making their own icicles:

Blender at the ready:

  1. Frozen fruit (we have used melon, grape and strawberry mix, water to top and sugar or honey to taste.
  2. Give it a blitz or a whirl. Just pressing the button and watching it all moosh up give them such satisfaction.
  3. Pour into the moulds,
  4. Into the freezer and should be ready in three hours.

Whallah!!! The easiest healthiest and most convenient popsicles possible.

Experiment with your kids favourite fruits and flavours.

  • Why not give a non-alcoholic Pina Colada Popsicle a whirl
  • Coconut Cream/Milk/ Water
  • Pineapple Juice
  • One Banana

Give it all a blitz till lovely and smooth and pour into moulds.

We have linked some products above to give you a go-to list of moulds and blenders. But even if you don’t have a blender why not try a potato masher.

Most of all - Have Fun!!!

 ***Please note we have added in links for your convenience in sourcing supplies. We are not being paid to promote products nor are we getting any free products.

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