Pumpkin Hanging Toss Game

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Pumpkin Hanging Toss Game
Pumpkin Hanging Toss Game
Pumpkin Hanging Toss Game
Perfect Halloween  game for children and adults alike. Toss the bags into the pumpkin pockets - can be used indoors or outdoors.

Size: 32*23*5cm
Weight: 234g

How to use:
1. Player stands some distance in front of the hanging game banner with bean bags in hand.
2. Toss the bean bags through the open holes in the banner, each player gets three chances.
3. 3 points are awarded for the top hole, 2 points for the second hole, 1 point for the lowest hole.
4. Player with most points wins.
Packing List:
1X 1 piece pumpkin banner
1X 3pcs bean bags

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